Individual Services 

Nail Trim


Touch Up -​  pad, nails, face, sanitary trim

​Starting @ $15

Sanitary Trim $10
Ear Cleaning and Plucking $7
Anal Gland$5



Please remember to use flea and tick treatments on your pet.    We will use a standard wet towel test upon arrival. If fleas are found, we ask that your pet be taken to your Vet for treatment.   If fleas are missed during the test but found during the grooming stage, the dog will immediately be given a medicated flea bath.  We will call the owner to advise of the situation.  Additional charges will occur.  


Medicated Flea Bath and Clean Up Fee $20 + Grooming package



Please note that if your dog has been sprayed by a skunk they may require more than one shampoo.    Please ask for the last appointment of the day to avoid the smell interrupting the business of the day.    

De-Skunk $10 + Grooming package


Detailed Services List

Full Groom


  • Brush & Bath package​
  • Clip and style of your choice

Servicing Cobourg, Port Hope and Surrounding Area

Our professional grade shampoos and products are all natural, pH balanced with no soaps or detergents.   A specific hypo-allergenic no fragrance shampoo is available for particularly sensitive skin or bring your own individual prescription products if necessary.   

​* Starting Cost:    

  • Toy $35 
  • Small $45
  • Med $50
  • Large $60

Brush & Bath


  • Brush / de-matting 
  • Hydro-surge bath with skin friendly shampoo 
  • Blow dry 
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear and Eye cleaning

* All prices will be based on coat condition 

7357 Dale Road, Cobourg, ON



* ​Starting Cost:    

  • Toy $30 
  • Small $35
  • Med $40
  • Large $50

​​​​​​* ​​Starting Cost:  $40  




​   Includes:

  • Brush & Bath package
  • Force dryer blow out
  • Hand brush de-shed

Puppy Package

Reduced cost for puppies between 3 months and 1 yr.  This is to encourage owners to bring them more often during their first  year, exposing them to the grooming process early on.   We will create a positive and comfortable experience building trust and confidence for the future.

  • 1st Socialization/Orientation (Visit)
  • 1st Bath
  • 1st Clip
  • 1st Full Groom 


         Call for more details and estimate 


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